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Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation and Provision of Extra Services (Restaurants,Parking, Conference Hall ) in Hotel Marina

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC), subject to change, shall apply directly or indirectly to all services provided by Hotel Marina, including bookings made through, tour agents, tour operators and hotel partners. You can get to know them online, via mobile devices, on site, by email or phone. By booking accommodation and/or providing of any extra service in  Hotel Marina and by browsing and using our web site, regardless of the platform, including these of tour agents, tour operators and hotel partners (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions set out below.

These GTC shall apply to all bookings for accommodation and/or provision of any extra service at  Hotel Marina, as well as to all visitors to the hotel facilities, regardless of whether they have made a booking for accommodation or providing of any service.

These GTC, as well as the online service of booking for accommodation (the “service”), are owned and managed by Bulgarien Direct Reisen Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” or the “Hotel”).

Our services are available for private and non-commercial use. Therefore you are not allowed to resell, create a deep-link (“deep link” - linking to the site sub-pages, not only to its main page), copy, observe (e.g. by means of programs for spying or data tracing, the so-called spider and scrape software), upload, download or reproduce any information, text, software, products or services offered and available on our website for any commercial or competitive activities or purposes without the explicit consent of the Hotel.

Prices and Best Rate Guarantee

The prices on our website are highly competitive and include VAT and all other fees and taxes (may vary depending on the tax changes and internal regulations of the hotel management), unless otherwise specified on our website or in the email which confirms the booking.

Sometimes our website shows lower rates for a particular type of accommodation. However, these rates set by the hotel may be applied with special restrictions and terms concerning the cancellation or methods to refund the booking price. Before booking, please check the room description carefully and the relevant price about such restrictions and terms.

The currency converter is for information only and it is not maximum accurate and up-to-date.

Real prices may vary.

Obvious errors on our website (including printed ones) are not binding.

All special offers are particularly noted


We do not add additional (booking) fees to the room rate and do not charge your private credit/debit card as you pay directly to the virtual POS terminal of the Bank which has provided a virtual POS terminal to the hotel.

Credit card/bank transfer by credit card/ when booking on

We do not require any data of your credit or debit card to secure your booking. Our system refers you to a virtual POS terminal of First Investment Bank AD which has provided a Virtual POS Terminal to the Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the Bank in the GTC); after you have confirmed the service desired on the website and you are sending on your own the information of your credit or debit card directly to First Investment Bank AD which makes the prepayment. Your booking shall be completed and confirmed after the prepayment of the full price of the services you have confirmed on our website /unless otherwise advertised and agreed on our website/ or provision of sufficient funds on it or submission of the data of a valid credit/debit card depending on the terms and conditions of the particular price-list.

The technology named PSIDSS shall be applied to protect and encrypt the card information when sending it to the Bank. Maestro, MasterCard and Visa are accepted for payment. The virtual POS terminal uses 3D Secure and Verified by Visa.
Please be aware of the cancellations rules and terms, and the refundability before booking and completing the payment. Please remember that sometimes your transaction/transfer of funds/ is non-refundable.

Please check the room description carefully for such terms and restrictions before booking.

Payment is processed in a secure way by a third party (First Investment Bank AD) and is transferred directly from your bank account to the hotel's bank account. Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz does not make, accept or process payments – all that shall be done via virtual POS terminal of the Bank.

In the case of fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, most banks and credit card companies run the risk and cover all payments resulting from such fraud or misuse which may sometimes be subject to deduction. Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz does not enter into a payment relations with the user at the moment of service booking but refers the user to the Bank system. Therefore Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz shall not be responsible if the issuer of your credit/debit card deducts your funds for unauthorized transactions resulting from a booking made on our website.


The booking request and its confirmation by the Hotel cause a contract arising between you and us. It shall be arranged by the provisions of the current GTC and the relevant Bulgarian legislation shall be applied if any gaps appear.

You need to provide your name, address and phone number when booking.

Before submitting a Booking Request, the user is responsible to get to know the General Terms and Conditions of Hotel Booking of Bulgarien Direct Reisen Ltd.

The user must agree and accept these terms and conditions. If he/she does not accept the General Terms and Conditions for accommodation and provision of extra services (restaurants, parking , conference hall) in Hotel Marina, his/her request shall not be considered.

Booking requests for accommodation and/or services shall be made in one of the following methods:

  • Phone: 00359 56 8 10 010 - Hotel
  • Email:
  • Tour operator, tour agent or other partner
  • at Hotel Marina

Offer and Booking

The offer is individually made upon request. It is valid for the requesting client only until the deadline specified therein. The terms and conditions of the offer may be used by the addressee only if he/she accepts it within its period of validity and makes a booking for the services specified therein. Bookings for individual offers are subject to the GTC unless otherwise stated in the respective offer. An individual offer is not valid for bookings already made.

A booking for accommodation shall be secured (made in all possible means) if prepaid at least 50 % of the price of the lump price service (unless otherwise agreed between the client and the Hotel) by bank transfer, credit card or cash at Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz.

The amount of the remaining balance of your entire booking can be paid on site at the hotel.

Any bookings which cover a period of accommodation during national or international holidays, special offers or packages prepared by the Hotel shall be confirmed if prepaid 100 % (one hundred percent) of the lump price of the accommodation by the bank transfer, credit/debit card or cash.

If a check-in date is less than 24 hours, bookings shall only be accepted if prepaid.

A valid payment shall be considered as an amount deposited into the accounts hotel DAS Marina Burgas,Ltd., a valid credit/debit card provided or cash on site. If the booking is secured by credit/debit card, the hotel shall be entitled to require the payment directly from the bank issued the credit card.

Bookings for transfer shall be prepaid 100% unless otherwise agreed between the hotel and the client.

Hotel reserves the right to adjust prices, terms and conditions in the event that the Bulgarian government decides to change the current fees or impose other regulative changes.

Hotel check-in requires the submission of any ID certifying the identity of the client who made the booking, a proof of payment of the advance amount and a confirmation or accommodation voucher.

In case the client would like to receive any extra services in addition to the accommodation, or has any specific requirements regarding food, accommodation and etc., he/she must require them upon submitting the request for booking. The hotel will do its best to answer the requirements but does not guarantee their absolute fulfillment.

Booking Cancellation

General Cancellation Rules:

Free cancellation: Up to 72 hours before the check-in date;

Late cancellation: cancellation later than 72 hours prior to the check-in date, the 1st and 2nd night shall be charged;

No-Show (default of appearance of the client on the date of accommodation/service) or check-out before the time period agreed: 1st and 2nd night shall be charged;

Cancellation Rules for Special Offers and Terms and Conditions:

Individual cancellation rules;

Arrival and Departure Policy

Check-in time - after 14:00. Room access is possible in accordance with availability at the time of arrival. Check-in before 09:00 is subject to 1-night rate charged, after 09:00 50 % /fifty percent/ of 1-night rate is charged.

Check-out time: 12:00. Guests checking out their room between 12:00 and 18:00 shall pay 50 % /fifty percent/ of 1-night rate is charged.. Check-out after 18:00 shall be charged at the rate of one full night.

Extra services


  • 10.00 BGN per day;

* Hotel has an unguarded car park. It is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance. Hotel is not responsible for vehicle theft and for any damage and lacks. Natural gas cars are not allowed in the underground car park.
Available safe in each room - free use;

  • Transfer
  • Hotel - Burgas Airport /up to 3 pax./ 39.00 BGN *upon request;
  • Hotel - Burgas Airport 22:00 - 06:00 /up to 3 pax./ 49.00 BGN *upon request;
  • Hotel offers transfer to and from the airports located in Burgas, Varna, Sofia and other sites within the country;
  • Service prices may vary at the hotel discretion or be included in a package offer;

Hotel offers transfers to and from the airports and to any site within the country. Transfers are made by licensed carriers at specified rates. Please inform the current service prices if you are interested in. The hotel is not a party to the transport contract arising between the client and the carrier, nor is it an agent of such contracts and is not responsible for the transfers and services provided by such carriers.

Smoking Policy

In compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz has a policy of non-smoking in all indoor hotel parts, including guest rooms, public areas and corridors. Guests who do not comply with our policy shall be imposed a fine of 200.00 BGN and each Guest, Client and Visitor of Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz shall give his/her absolute consent this fine to be added to the account of the room, restaurant or requested by the offender in person. The offender also bears personal liability for the administrative penalties imposed by the competent authorities regarding the violation.

Designated smoking areas are distributed within the hotel's open area.

Thank you for your compliance with the Smoking Policy.

Dress Code and General Rules of Conduct

There is an official dress code in all public areas within the hotel. Guests are allowed to wear swimsuits only at the hotel's swimming pools. In accordance with our pleasant environment and for security reasons, please always wear long trousers in the common areas of the hotel and the restaurant.

Hotel reserves the right not to allow unacceptable levels of noise or guest behavior. You are responsible for complying with all conventional standards of good conduct during your hotel stay. In case of refusal to comply with the requirements, hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking without being responsible for any refund or indemnity.

Hotel policy does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, nationality, religion, sex, marital status, age, ethnicity or disability. All guests and staff shall be expected to observe this policy and the hotel reserves the right to remove any person or persons who has/have committed an offence against this policy.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

All expenses of damage to the hotel property shall be paid by the persons who caused them at market prices upon providing with a hotel invoice.

Terms of Purchase and Use of Vouchers

  •  Hotel Marina issues personal vouchers which cannot be sold, donated or transferred except with the explicit consent of the issuer.
  • The voucher is exclusively valid for accommodation and provision of extra services within  Hotel Marina and for the period as specified and described on its front.
  • Accommodation and use of extra services within  Hotel Marina are only possible after prior booking of particular dates of stay and presentation of an original voucher. The purchase of voucher does not secure a booking for a certain period. You need to make your booking on the phone number listed on the voucher.
  • When making a short-term booking or full capacity for a particular period, Hotel Marina reserves the right to refuse to accommodate or provide extra services.
  • Upon expiration of the validity period, the voucher cannot be renewed or used for accommodation and use of extra services within Hotel Marina, nor may any claims be accepted against unused nights or extra services.
  • If the voucher is not used, not by the fault of the issuer, no compensatory accommodation or use of extra services is due and its value shall not be refunded.
  • The voucher or any part thereof, including unused nights and extra services, cannot be converted into money or other material benefits.
  • The voucher issued by Hotel Marina is a beneficiary's document specified on its front. The person mentioned therein is only responsible for use and care of the voucher.  Hotel Marina does not reissue a new voucher for theft, loss or damage.
  • Purchase and/or use of the voucher means explicit consent to these terms, as well as the terms and conditions for accommodation and use of extra services within Hotel Marina, stated on the web page and accessible hotel places.

Additional Correspondence

When making and completing the online booking, you shall agree to receive an email we will try to send you shortly after the Bank confirmation of the successful payment, an authorization. The email shall contain information on the hotel, private booking code, information on your booked service, as well as information on cancellation, modification and review of booking on our website system.

Limited Liability

In accordance with the restrictions set out in these terms and conditions and according to the law we are only liable for direct damages incurred, paid or which you have been held liable for as a result of our failure to fulfill the obligations in relation to our web services, up to the total amount of your booking as specified in the confirmation email.

However, neither we nor any of our employees, directors, representatives, or other persons involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting or otherwise engaged in the site presentation and content shall be responsible for any criminal, special, indirect or subsequent loss (1) or damage; (2) for any error related to the Virtual POS Terminal of the Bank (including deduction of your funds for unauthorized transactions resulting from booking made on our website); for services (3), offered by the Bank, for any (direct, indirect, special, subsequent or punitive) damage, loss or expenses (4), incurred by you which you have been held liable for or you have paid, and they have appeared resulting or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website; for any (personal) injury, death or other (direct, indirect, special, subsequent or criminal) damage, loss or expenses (5) incurred or which you have been held liable for or you have paid, irrespective of whether they are due to (legislative) activities, errors, non-respected obligations, (common) non-compliance, intentional offence, omission, failure to comply, misrepresentation, breach of law or failure to perform direct obligations (fully or partially) of the virtual POS terminal of the Bank (its employees, directors, agents, representatives or distribution companies); including for any (even partial) force majeure or any other event outside our control.

Hotel Marina shall not be responsible for any services outside the hotel which the client has privately purchased on site.

Hotel Marina shall not be responsible for lost, forgotten or stolen items from rooms, restaurants or pool, as well as for damage caused by third parties.

Amounts for requested but wholly or partially customer caused services which are not used shall not be refunded.


All claims related to the quality of the hotel services must be submitted by the client on site at the hotel for the purpose of remedying any defects. The submission shall be in written form. In the event that the requirements are not met, the client must ask the liable person to draw up a record. After the record has drawn up, the client will receive the formal standpoint on the problem from the Hotel Manager within 3 business days.


Intellectual Property Rights

The software needed to perform our services or available for use on our website, as well as the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of the content and information or the material on our website, are owned by Hotel Marina, unless otherwise specified.

Hotel Marina owns all rights over the content (including all intellectual property rights) of the interface (including infrastructure) on the web page where the service is provided (including guest reviews and content translation) and you shall not be entitled to copy, (hyper-/deep) forward, publish, promote, sell, integrate, and benefit in any way from content or our brand without our explicit written consent.


These GTC and the provision of our services shall be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and all disputes arising out of these general terms and conditions and our services should exclusively be applied to the competent courts within the territory of Bulgaria.

The original Bulgarian version of these Terms and Conditions has been translated into other languages. The translation version is a goodwill statement and represents office translation only which has no legal value. In the event of a dispute over the content or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions or inconsistencies and discrepancies between the Bulgarian version and the version of these Terms and Conditions in any other language, the Bulgarian language shall be applied.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is (or becomes) invalid, unsuitable or optional, you shall remain bound by all other provisions. In such case, the invalid provision should be enforced to the fullest extent allowed by law and you shall agree to accept such an effect as that one of the invalid, unsuitable or optional provision in view of the content and purpose of these Terms and Conditions.

Counterparty Information:

DAS Marina Burgas, 

 Port of Burgas.,

8000 Burgas, Bulgaria

Phone.: +359 810 010


Privacy Policy

DAS Marina Burgas (hereinafter referred to as the "Hotel" and/or "Controller") is a company entered in the Trade Register and the Register of the Non-profit Legal Entities, kept at the Registry Agency under UIC: - - -, with headquarters and business address: Port of Burgas., hotel DAS Marina Burgas, Phone.:00359 56 8 10 010 Email:;

Our Data Protection Officer's Contact Details:

The hotel as a data controller collects and processes certain information on natural persons.

This information may refer to hotel employees, managers, clients and guests, suppliers, contractors, business contacts and other natural persons whom the Controller has relations with or would like to establish any business contact.

This Personal Data Protection Policy settles how personal data should be collected, processed and kept to meet the standards of the Controller's organization and be in compliance with legal requirements.

This Personal Data Protection Policy is issued on the basis of the Personal Data Protection Act and its regulations of its usage as amended (“Bulgarian Legislation”) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

What is meant by "personal data" and "processing of personal data"?

"Personal data" means any information which a natural person can be identified with, directly or indirectly, by one or more attributes typical of the person such as: name, identification number/Civil ID number, contact details: location / mailing address, phone number, email address, online identifier / IP address, video images, and etc. These attributes may be a part of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, intellectual, economic, cultural or social identity of the natural person.

"Processing of personal data" means sum of operations executed with personal data or set of personal data such as collecting, recording, arranging, structuring, keeping, adapting or modifying, extracting, advising, using, disclosing through submitting, distributing or other means by which data becomes available, fixing or combining, limiting, deleting or destroying;

Our attitude towards your personal data

The hotel attaches great importance to the personal data protection and collects and processes personal data in compliance with the requirements of national and European legislation only. The purpose of this Personal Data Protection Policy is to inform you in what way we are processing your data and what kind of personal data we are collecting about you; for what purpose, period and what your rights are.

Your data security is very important to us. That’s why we protect your data by applying all proper and adequate technical and organizational means regarding potential risks to the rights and freedoms of natural persons in order to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized or malicious use, loss or untimely deletion of information.

What kind of information do we collect and why?

We may collect personal data about you when using our website or when selecting our services. In most cases we require your personal data for the purpose of signing a contract, complying with a legal obligation or protecting our legal interest. In certain cases we process data based on your consent.

  • Depending on the services used, we may collect and process the following information about you;
  • Name of person, Civil ID number (for hotel registration and invoice issuance, upon request), date of birth and sex;
  • Contact details - mailingaddress, phone number and email address (email);
  • Recordings on video cameras to ensure our and your security;
Our guiding principles:
 We strictly observe some basic mandatory principles when processing your personal data:
  • Personal data is processed lawfully, in good faith and in a transparent way;
  • Personal data is collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and is not further processed in a way incompatible with these purposes;
  • Personal data is relevant, related and limited to what is needed in relation to the purposes which they are being processed for;
  • Personal data is accurate and up-to-date, if needed;
  • Personal data is kept in form allowing the persons concerned to be identified for a period no longer than is needed for the purposes which the personal data is processed for;
  • Personal data is processed in a way providing with an adequate level of security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, 
  • destruction or damage by applying proper technical or organizational measures.
What is the purpose of personal data processing?
We process personal data collected most frequently with the following objectives:

When signing and executing a contract – with regard to guest registration at the hotel, preparation of accounting documents such as a bill or an invoice for the services provided to you; for the purpose of notifications related to our services.

When performing a legal obligation - for the purpose of obligations provided by Tourism Act, Accountancy Act and Tax-Insurance Procedure Code and other related regulations with regard to the proper and legal accounting; in information obligations to all state commissions and regulating authorities, as well as court; when performing online booking (distance selling) and selling outside our hotel facility;

With your consent - for direct marketing of our products and services.

Based on our legitimate interest - making video surveillance in our retail outlets;

What are your rights:
When collecting and processing your personal data, you are entitled to:

Information on your personal data processed and access to your personal data collected;

Correction/completion if the data is inaccurate/incomplete - on your own initiative or on the initiative of the hotel;

Deletion of personal data, if there are legal grounds for doing so;

Restriction on the processing of your personal data by the hotel, provided there are legal grounds for doing so;

Portability of personal data between separate controllers- this entitles you to receive your data from the hotel and to transfer it to another controller in a format suitable for use;

Objection to the processing of your personal data, provided there are legal grounds for doing so;

Right to judicial or administrative defence if your rights have been violated;

You can protect your rights by emailing us at: or or by mail/courier at: Port of Burgas., Hotel DAS Marina Burgas;

We keep your personal data in accordance with the purpose which they were collected for and within the statutory deadlines.

When can we disclose your personal data:

We enforce a set of measures to protect your personal data from loss, theft and misuse, and from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction. The hotel uses third parties to support certain contract activities or upon performing a legal obligation. We do not provide third parties with your personal data before we are sure that all technical and organizational measures have been taken to protect this data by trying to execute strict control to reach this goal. Some of the recipients of personal data can be: courier companies, external consultants and experts, collection companies and law firms, banks, security companies, sales agents and representatives, and etc.

Your personal data may be disclosed in certain circumstances stipulated by law. For example, your personal data may be disclosed to third parties with your explicit consent or with the authorization of the Data Protection Commission. In certain cases providing of personal data is mandatory in order to comply with our legal requirements such as: Regulating authorities, including state commissions, institutions and agencies, NRA, NSSI, courts, prosecutor's office, and etc. where we must provide personal data in accordance with the valid legislation. If needed or appropriate we may provide your personal data for the national security purposes or for issues of public concern.

Tracking Cookies

We use "cookies" to make your visit to our website more pleasant  and to provide use of certain features on different pages. These are small text files which are saved on the end device by which you visit our website. Some cookies, "session cookies", are deleted when you close your browser. Other cookies remain on your end device and allow us or our affiliates to recognize your browser on a subsequent visit ("permanent cookies"). You can set your browser in such a way allowing you be aware of the cookies setting and decide to accept them individually or turn off the acceptance of cookies for particular cases or as a whole. You can find additional information in the help section of your Internet browser. Cookies disclaimer may restrict the functionality of our website. We distinguish system “cookies” and promotional “cookies”. System cookies are required for the proper functioning of our website. Cookies disclaimer will change your browsing experience on our website and certain services on our website will not be usable. Promotional cookies are saved by loading the website and help us analyze the aggregated data regarding our visitors, for example how they reach our website, how much time they spend on it, if this is their first visit, how they review the content of our wesite. We also may reach a conclusion regarding the success of our marketing campaigns.

Facebook Pixel

We use Facebook Pixel, a Facebook service. This service uses “cookies” stored on your device allowing ad targeting through the Facebook ad platform to its users as well as users of Facebook partner companies such as Instagram who have already visited our website in the last 180 days. This service also provides extra opportunities for creating general and anonymous public of visitors based on the website's content, as well as tracking the success of advertisement campaigns executed through the Facebook ad platform. More information can be found in the Facebook Privacy Policy here: If you do not want to take part in the tracking process, you can disclaim the “cookie” setting needed for that by using your browser settings and disable the general and automatic cookie saving.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service of Google LLC. The information generated by the “cookies” for your use on this website is usually sent to Google servers in the USA and kept there. Google shortens in advance your IP address within the Member States of the European Union or other countries - parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Community. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google uses this information to evaluate the use of the website, compile reports on the website activity and provide other services related to the website and Internet use to the website operator. IP address sent through your browser in the context of Google Analytics is not connected to other data available to Google. You can refuse the use of “cookies” by selecting the proper settings in your browser. You may also prevent the data collection by Google through “cookies” and their connection with the website use (including IP address), as well as their processing by Google by downloading and installing plug - in for your browser here:

Links to social media

Our website also contains links to Facebook and Instagram. In this case, the data transfer to the social media operators mentioned happens only when pressing the relevant button of the icon illustrating the link. Clicking on such a button opens the page of the respective social media. There you can post information on our services in accordance with the rules of the social media operator. You can use our official contact profiles in the various social media as well as other official public accounts of the company. These are our: Facebook page - - -;

Instagram page - - -. 

Your personal data sent via a private message shall only be processed for the purposes of the reply to your inquiry. We are not responsible for the information and personal data which you voluntarily share in our official profiles without expressly being requested by you.


The hotel take due measures to protect your personal data from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure. There are policies and procedures designed to protect information from loss, misuse and unauthorized disclosure. In addition, we take extra measures regarding information security, including access control, strict physical protection and reliable practices for collecting, keeping and processing information. 

On the other hand, we apply technical measures such as encryption, pseudonymization and anonymization of personal data collected.

When do we delete your personal data?

We keep all the information we have collected about you and destroy it within the statutory time limits and if where there are no such ones, destruction is done within the time limits set by us (30 days in video surveillance) and after the final arrangement of all our financial issues. We do not keep your data for an indefinite period.

Transfer between countries

Transfer, keeping and processing of personal data is provided by modern technical resources. The hotel will not transfer your data outside of the EEA without complying with the legal opportunities and will introduce proper precautions to keep the confidentiality of your information.

Hotel keeps the accounting and commercial information as well as all other information and documents relevant to the taxation and mandatory social security payments within the following time limits:
  • payrolls - 50 years;
  • accounting records and financial reports - 10 years;
  • tax and social security control documents - 5 years after the expiration of the limitation period for repayment of the public obligation which they are related to;
  • all other carriers - 5 years if any shorter time limit is not stipulated by the legislation;
  • video surveillance records - 30 days;

When the storage period expires, carriers of information (paper or technical) which are not subject to submission to the National Archives Fund may be destroyed.

When the storage period expires, data is destroyed as soon as possible through the medium of destroying the hard carriers by shredding. Technical carrier is destroyed by erasing and deleting relevant files from the Company’s computers and systems.

Changes to this Personal Data Protection Policy

This Personal Data Protection Procedure can be amended over time. Such amendments will be valid immediately after their disclosure. Regular review of this page ensures that you will always be aware of what kind of information we are collecting, how and for what purposes the Hotel uses it and under what circumstances (if any) we will share it with other parties.

This Personal Data Protection Policy was approved by the Managing Director on May 20, 2018 and last updated on May 20, 2018.


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